We ask you to help the BALIF Foundation to fund:


  1. Educational programming for LGBTQI attorneys interested in becoming judges.

  2. Two $5,000 annual scholarships for first year LGBTQI law students intending to focus on LGBTQI civil rights work upon graduating from law school.

  3. Four annual $7,500 LGBTQI law student summer stipends for law students to focus on LGBTQI civils rights work at a non-profit of their choice.

  4. One annual fellowship for a recent LGBTQI law school graduate ($30,000) to focus on LGBTQI civils rights work at a non-profit of their choice for one year.

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APABA Silicon Valley & BALIF Joint Scholarship 2020:




The Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Silicon Valley ("APABA Silicon Valley") Charity Foundation and the Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom Foundation ("BALIF Foundation") are pleased to announce a special joint scholarship for law students who have a demonstrated commitment to the Asian Pacific American and LGBTQI communities.

PURPOSE: To recognize law students in the greater Bay Area who have shown excellence and achievement in law school and have:

  • Overcome personal hardships or challenges;

  • Shown excellence and achievement in law school;

  • Demonstrated leadership potential and a history of involvement with Asian Pacific American ("APA") and LGBTQI student, professional, or civic organizations; and

  • Demonstrated service in support of their local APA and LGBTQI communities.

AWARD: One (1) joint scholarship of $3,000.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Application for the scholarship includes the following:

  • Résumé submission. Please include grade point average if applicable. The applicant's grade point average and law school enrollment are subject to verification.

  • Essay submission (two page maximum). The essay should address how the applicant fulfills the above-mentioned purpose of the scholarship.

  • Interview. Scholarship finalists will be interviewed (via video conference) on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

The APABA Silicon Valley Charity & the BALIF Foundation also require that the recipient:

  • Attend and volunteer at the APABA Silicon Valley 35th Annual Gala, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on October 9, 2020 (assuming the event isn't postponed/cancelled due to COVID-19);

  • Attend the BALIF Annual Gala in 2021 (invited but not required to attend);

  • Become a Student Member of APABA Silicon Valley (free of charge - sign up here) and BALIF ($10 - sign up here);

  • Participate as APABA Silicon Valley's Student Liaison at his or her law school by (i) advertising APABA Silicon Valley events and scholarships, and (ii) encouraging fellow law students to attend events and apply for future scholarships;

  • Join and actively participate in an APABA Silicon Valley Committee; and

  • Become a New Member with APABA Silicon Valley and BALIF upon graduation.

DEADLINE: Applications must be received by Friday @ 5:00 p.m., June 19, 2020.


If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at Please note that applying for this scholarship doesn't preclude you from applying for the APABA Silicon Valley Achievement Scholarship as well. We encourage you to apply for both if applicable, but two separate essay submissions will be required if so.

2020 BALIF Foundation Summer Fellowship Awardee:

The BALIF Foundation has awarded the 2020 Summer Fellowship to Nahlee Lin is a rising 1L at UC Berkeley School of Law.  Over the summer, Nahlee will be interning at Oasis Legal Services, a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive legal immigration services to low-income, LGBTQIA+ clients.   At Oasis, Nahlee's internship will be focused on assisting LGBTQIA+ immigrants in applying for asylum and supporting these clients through the asylum process from beginning to end. Oasis serves hundreds of LGBTQIA+ asylum applicants annually with a success rate of 99%. 


Congratulations to Nahlee Lin! 


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