Founding Circle Donation Levels*:


Trial Court:  $1,000

District Court $2,500

Circuit Court:  $5,000

Supreme Court:  $10,000


Your gifts can be made by mailing a check directly to:

BALIF Foundation

P.O. Box 193115

San Francisco, CA 94119


*A donation or pledge for at least $1,000 will qualify you as a Founding Circle member.

We ask you to help the BALIF Foundation to fund:


  1. Educational programming for LGBTQI attorneys interested in becoming judges.

  2. Two $5,000 annual scholarships for first year LGBTQI law students intending to focus on LGBTQI civil rights work upon graduating from law school.

  3. Four annual $7,500 LGBTQI law student summer stipends for law students to focus on LGBTQI civils rights work at a non-profit of their choice.

  4. One annual fellowship for a recent LGBTQI law school graduate ($30,000) to focus on LGBTQI civils rights work at a non-profit of their choice for one year.

We invite you to become one of our Founding Circle members:


Our goal this year is raise enough money to at least fund the annual scholarships and summer stipends immediately so that we can award these scholarships and stipends annually.  We hope to have raised enough funds so that the fellowship will be permanently established as well.  BALIF has already generously donated $10,000 to the Foundation to kick-start the fundraising for the scholarships and summer stipends.


We sincerely ask you to join us in achieving these goals to empower the next generation of LGBTQI civil rights leaders in our community.  It is imperative that we instill in our youth the importance of this work – especially in light of the momentum of wins our civil rights advocates have achieved.


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